Once upon a time there was a Spanish fans painter...

He was born in Valencia in 1887 in a family full of artists (painters, carvers…). In fact, he used to paint Spanish fans when he was a kid. But he had an adventurer inside him and that forced him to join the showbiz. He started acting in small theater in Valencia. Someone saw him and he was hired to play in the Apollo Theater in Valencia as a “meritorious choir”. When his dad passed away in 1904 he moved to Barcelona with part of his family. And that’s where he met Teresa Pallarol, a neighbor. They married on December 30th 1911. Vicent was 24 years old.

I don’t know much of his whereabouts in Barcelona, but I do know that when he had the chance to move to Paris with his wife, mother and sister Manolita, he moved. He may have worked, among other things, as a Spanish fan painter and as a cartoonist. He kept this last ability until the end of his days, being asked about every time he was interviewed. He would make cartoon portraits of journalists and castmates.

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