Comeback in the Ravinia Park, Chicago

Vicent was missing until his comeback, again along with the Ravinia Opera (summer season) in Chicago’s Ravinia Park. It lasted from the end of June until the end of August 1924. He shared the stages with Lauri-Volpi, Graziella Paretto, Armand Tokatyan, his fellow Lucrezia Bori and Giovanni Martinelli among others. Except for Il barbiere di Seviglia he didn’t perform any of his classics (Rigoletto, Pagliacci…). The famous Edward Moore did a remarkable review of the performance of Il barbiere di Seviglia, praising the acting of Ballester: “I’m quite sure to say that there was a highlight in the performance of Il barbiere di Seviglia and it’s related to Vicent Ballester’s performance … He’s been the most attractive artist in this role. One can infer by the title of this piece that the character should be the main one. But it’s not the usual case…except when Ballester plays this role … and now that he’s gained his voice back, he’s as good as he used to be”. Moore also notes the important cheering following Ballester’s Largo al factotum. He also talks about the storm and how it affected the performance: “It’s also important to note that Mr. Vicent Ballester was independent from external influences”.

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