An enshrined start touring the US and Canada

We know nothing about Ballester until the end of September, when he was playing with his new company, a company he’d be loyal to until the end of his days: The San Carlo Opera Company from the master Fortune Gallo. Along with the company, he moved around almost all over the US and Canada, singing nonstop from September 29th 1919 until May 13th 1920. He took a break from the San Carlo in June and sang a couple of days in Philadelphia with the Puccini Grand Opera Company. He also performed Otello on June 30th with the Philadelphia Grand Opera Company. There is very few information about this large tour. Probably the short stay in each city made difficult the contact between artists and journalists. There are very few reviews and always from the artistic point of view. These reviews about Ballester keep being positive, noting his acting skills. They also write about his genius when performing Rigoletto. It seems it was his master piece.

In September he goes back with the San Carlo and does another great tour throughout the US and Canada, from September 1920 until April 1921. Again he receives excellent reviews for his singing and his acting skills. And also for the comfort and tranquility he transmits to his castmates. There’s also interesting information related to his later illness appearing in the “El Paso Morning Times” from December 1920. When the review talks about the new starts they say that Ballester pointed out that he wasn't in his best shape to sing. According to Fortune Gallo “This complaint shows that Ballester is all right. He complains every night of some kind of pain in the throat, but he then steps out to the stage and sings the baritone arias as only Ballester can do”.

1920 Hollywood Vicent Ballester Retrat amb Bebe Daniels 

Hollywood, 1920 - Vicent Ballester and Bebe Daniels

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