In Paris the Maharani discovers the voice of the painter

In Paris, Vicent met Anita Delgado (Maharani of Kapurthala). She saw his singing potential and she paid the great Polish tenor Jean de Reskzé to teach him singing lessons. Probably as a way to thank her, my grandfather painted her a Spanish fan. Her descendants still have it. At first all this seemed unbelievable to us but we were sure about it thanks to the writer from Galicia Elisa Vázquez de Gey and her book “Anita Delgado, la Maharaní de Kapurtala”.

In later statements Vicent said that he sang Aida in a theater in Paris’ boulevards. He also said that he played the main role in Pagliaci and that he also played the Alfio role in Cavalleria Rusticana in the Olimpia Theater. I haven’t been able to confirm this information.

It was also in Paris where his sister Manolita gave birth to Manolita Saval who became a famous movie, TV shows and theater actress in Mexico (where he died in 2001). She was also the mother of Manuel Saval, movie and TV shows actor, greatly appreciated in Mexico. He passed away on Juy 23rd 2009.

1914 03 26 Paris Vicent Ballester

Paris, March 26th 1914

Portrait of Vicent Ballester

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